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Interferon-α-A (IFN-α-A) Diversity in Domestic Yak (Bos grunniens) of Pakistan

Suspect and positive cases of bovine tuberculosis in the Republic of Croatia from 2017 to 2020

Infertility in dairy cows – Possible bacterial and viral causes

Characterization and nutritional assessment of traditional dairy products from the Zlatibor region, Republic of Serbia

Probiotic effect on reserve mobilization in late stage pregnancy in goats

Molecular differentiation between field lumpy skin disease isolate and Capripoxvirus vaccinal strains in Egypt 2018

Analysis of the prevalence of selected qualitative deviations in slaughter poultry in Poland in 2016-2019

Evaluation of gamma-actin, beta-actin, GAPDH, and 18S as reference genes for qRT-PCR using blood samples in canine mammary research

Utjecaj pH želučanog sadržaja na čvrstoću kirurške rane želučane stijenke

The effect of metformin on murine and bovine sperm motility parameters

Efficacy of next-generation sequencing in bacterial zoonoses diagnostics


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